Sunday, April 20, 2014

1984 Mosi Tatupu: Special Team Monster

Mosi was a running back, but was better known as a special teamer. Yes, I really liked him as a player when I was a kid, but was probably more or less because of his name. He will never make it to the Patriots Hall of Fame, but he earned a place on my wall.

1993 Troy Brown: Clutch.

Troy Brown was a career-long Patriot and was clutch...the Patriots love "value" and they got it with him in the 8th round. I loved Action Packed cards, the 1993 set wasn't that great but I still like them. The card stock, print quality were always great and the embossing was cool. Troy was elected into the Patriots Hall of Fame last year.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

1976 Steve Grogan: The Original Franchise

Steve Grogan was a career long Patriot. He was the quarterback when I first started paying attention to football in the mid-1980s. The Patriots were a roller-coaster team throughout his career. He was the first true franchise quarterback. The card is a 1976 Topps PSA 9, a little tilt but others a decent card. I actually don't mind the unlicensed 1976 set, although the extreme closeup isn't the greatest shot.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1989 Bruce Armstrong: The Great 78

Bruce Armstrong spent his entire career with the Patriots, through the decent and the horrible...and there was some terrible. His rookie year was in 1987, but his rookie card didn't spawn until '89. There is the 1989 Score and 1989 Pro Set, these are both PSA 10's although they are both a tad off-center L/R...these are both cool cards. As I think I have said before on this blog, I love the 1989 Pro Set set, I wish the weren't created at the heart of the junk wax era.

Friday, March 21, 2014

1989 Barry Sanders Rookies - Greatest of all-time

Yes, the greatest running back title is debatable...but in my opinion Barry takes the title. Payton and Brown were obviously incredible as well, but both had decent teams around them. Barry had a couple of receivers and two decent O-lineman. The Pro Set and Topps are both PSA 10's, the Police card is a SGC 98 and the Score is a *gulp* GAI 9.5...looking at the scan looks a tad o/c left-right, so probably more likely a 9.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tedy Bruschi - Heart of the Defense

Tedy was awesome. He was a career long Patriot and earned his way onto two All-Pro teams, during the Super Bowl run. Bruschi was a team leader when the defense was actually good. Looking like the Patriots are returning to a defensive focus which is good.

The 1996 Bowman's Best Tedy Bruschi card is alright. I like the photo, but all the other stuff going on with the card is a little much for me. I am cool with the chrome look, actually a huge fan of Topps Chrome cards, but I am not understanding the gold comb in the background.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

1974 Sam Bam Cunningham

The Patriots are not a franchise known for their running game, ever. Sam Cunningham was a beast. This is a 1974 Topps SGC 92, I would like to upgrade at some point...but man the quality control in the seventies was atrocious.